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The field of Civil Engineering is very wide, probably the widest of all the Engineering disciplines. Almost all the physical infrastructure development of the country are the products of civil Engineering. Construction, operation and maintenance of buildings, bridges, roads, railways, airports, embankment, river training, irrigation, canals, sea and river ports, power houses, transmission towers, dams and barrages etc. require the knowledge and technology of Civil Engineering.

Design and construction of a cradle for a baby and digging a grave for the dead require proper knowledge of Civil Engineering. As such it is said that necessity of Civil Engineering extends from cradle to grave. It can reasonably stated that the activities of Civil Engineering started at the very beginning of civilization and will end with "big destruction" of the globe.

All the requisite subjects of Civil Engineering are taught in WUB built on the course curricula of BUET and other developed nations. Experienced and learned teachers teach the courses. WUB is well equipped with necessary lab facilities for test and research works.

One who wants to be a graduate in Civil Engineering is welcome to get admitted in WUB in the department of Civil Engineering.