Faculty Member

Iftekhar Alam Dipto

M.Sc in Civil Engineering (IUT)
B.Sc in Civil Engineering (IUT)

Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Iftekhar_Dipta


Iftekhar Alam Dipto is currently working as a Lecturer & Coordinator in the Department of Civil Engineering of World University of Bangladesh. He is continuing his Master of Engineering in Geotechnical Engineering from Islamic University of Technology and has completed his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the same institution in November, 2014. He has successfully completed professional training program for academic staff organized by Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) with financial and technical assistance from the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh(UGC), World Bank , W.U.B; a workshop on evaluation, repair and strengthening of cracked concrete structure organized by JCI-IUT and another training on Auto CAD from Auto CAD Training Institute & Consultants (A.T.I), Dhaka, Bangladesh. He had also gotten a scholarship from ISCEA Bangladesh to complete the degree of Certified Supply Chain Analyst (CSCA). Iftekhar's main research interest is in the area of Advanced and smart Civil Engineering materials more specifically recycled aggregate concrete, High-performance concrete, Light Weight concrete structures, various geotechnical and geo-environmental analysis using Artificial Neural Network and so on.


Research and Awards

Published research works:
1. Dipta, I.A.; Rahat, M.; Akhie, A.A.; Islam, M.J., “A Study on Green Lightweight Concrete using Recycled Poly-Ethylene Terephthalate (PET) as Coarse Aggregate”, International Conference on Engineering Research, Innovation and Education 2017 ICERIE 2017, 13 ? 15 January 2017, SUST, Sylhet, Bangladesh.

2. Akhie, A.A.; Dipta, I.A.; Ahmed, A., “Impact of Regional Climate Change on Human Health: A Situation Analysis for Diarrhea Around Dhaka City”, International Conference on Engineering Research, Innovation and Education 2017 ICERIE 2017, 13 ? 15 January 2017, SUST, Sylhet, Bangladesh.

3. Akhie, A.A.; Dipta, I.A.; Ahmed, A., “An assessment of the changing trends of weather parameters due to climate change in Dhaka city”, published on World Journal of Science and Engineering (ISSN 2408-9974).

4. Dipta, I.A.; Akhie, A.A., "Effect of river water pollution on surrounding area of Dhaka city", proceeding on International Conference On Research & Innovation in Civil Engineering (ICRICE 2018), 12-13 January 2018, Southern University Bangladesh.

5. Islam, M.,J.; Dipta, I.A.; Rahat,M; "Investigation of recycled poly-ethylene terephthalate (PET) as partial replacement of coarse aggregate in concrete"; Journal of Civil Engineering (IEB), 46 (1) (2018) 11-20.

6. Dipta, I.A.; Hoque, M.I.; Hasan, A.S.; "Evaluating users’ opinion on ridesharing transportation system: explanatory analysis and results of a survey in Dhaka city"; 1st International Conference on Transportation Research 2020 (ICTR 2020), 18 –20 April 2020, BRRL, Mirpur, Bangladesh, https://rhd.portal.gov.bd/ & www.brrlbd.com 

7. Hasanath, M.A.; Ahmed, M.T; Dipta,I.A.; Parvin, R; "Influence of Risk husk ash as admixture in concrete to Seal moisture"; World Journal of Science and Engineering -Vol.-4, Number 1, June 2019 (ISSN 2408-9974).

Others Certifications

Certified Supply Chain Analyst (CSCA) from ISCEA Bangladesh