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The field of Civil Engineering is probably the broadest of all the Engineering fields, or it deals with the creation, improvement, and protection of the communal environment, providing facilities for living, industry and transportation, including large buildings, roads, bridges, canals, railroad lines, airports, water-supply systems, dams, irrigation, harbors, docks, aqueducts, tunnels, and other engineered constructions. As such, duty of a civil engineer involves in all aspect of society. Like any other developing country, Bangladesh needs a lot of work to be done to build its infrastructure. Many government and non-government development projects have been implemented since the independence of the country. For the last 40 years, these projects have involved and are still involving a huge number of Civil Engineers. Still a lot of development work has to be accomplished to build the infrastructure in the years to come. Once the infrastructure is built, constant maintenance of the system at a standard level is also a big task. These development activities are impossible to undertake without the direct involvement of Civil Engineers. So, there is a very good opportunity for the Civil Engineers, especially in Bangladesh, to participate in these development projects and hence build to their careers. Following the needs of the society, Department of Civil Engineering at World University of Bangladesh offers a comprehensive undergraduate course on Civil Engineering.

Department of Civil Engineering has projected itself as one of the vital departments of the science and engineering faculty since April 2004. First batch of students graduated from the department on schedule time, August 2008. After that more than hundred batches of students successfully graduated and in service on government and private services. Some of the alumni either completed or enrolled in post-graduate studies abroad.

At the moment, the department offers a 4-year undergraduate program in Civil Engineering. The course outline covers all the fields within the Civil Engineering discipline and it eventually leads students to decide their field of choice for specialization. To ensure quality education, the Department of Civil Engineering has introduced Outcome Based Education (OBE) system.